Despite the rarity of the name, there have been a disproportionate number of Allardices who have made their mark in history, science, government and literature.

In addition to Captain Robert Barclay-Allardice, the famous athlete, and the barons mentioned earlier, the United Kingdom boasts of Alexander Allardyce of Dunnotar, Kincardine, Member of Parliament, a rich merchant whose daughter married the Marquis of Ailsa; his nephew, Col. James Allardyce, historian; James' eldest son Sir William Lamond Allardyce (d. 1930), Governor of the Falkland Islands  (1904-1915), Bahamas (1915-1920), Tasmania (1920-1922) and Nova Scotia (1922-1928); the younger son, Col. John Graham Allardice; John Allardice (d. 1718), Member of Parliament for Aberdeen; Scottish novelist and historian Alexander Allardyce (d. 1876); Robert Moir Allardyce, Scottish educator and Latin scholar; William A. L. Allardice, D.L., currently a Judge in Britain; and British author and novelist James Todd Allardice.

Lord (John) Alderdice (Baron of Knock), distinguished psychiatrist and politician, currently the Speaker of the new Northern Ireland Assembly, having led the Alliance Party for 11 years. He was raised to the peerage in 1996 and took his seat in the House of Lords (representing Belfast, Northern Ireland), one of the youngest ever Life Peers at 41. He has for many years been a leading advocate and negotiator for peace in Northern Ireland.

Sam Allardyce played 450 games in the (English) Football League, mainly in Premier and First Division with Bolton Wanderers, Sunderland, Millwall, Coventry City and Huddersfield. He is currently Bolton Wanderers Manager, the club where he commenced as a junior in 1973.

In the USA have been David R. Allardice, Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago; John M. Allardice, president of a chemical company near Pittsburgh; historian Gilbert D. Allardyce; jockey Ross Allardyce of Denver; romantic novelist Pamela Allardice; Fred Allardyce, Vice President of American Standard Company in New York; playwright and motion picture screenwriter James Burns Allardice; and novelist "Paula Allardyce" (pseudonym for Ursula Torday; also writes under the name "Charity Blackwell"). James Allardice, a Jersey City alderman, was father to James K. Allardice (d. 1962), New Jersey state senator. James J. Allardice (d. 1945), New Jersey newspaper publisher, was father to Corbin Allardice (d. 1977), scientist, author, and staff director of the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, member of the Manhattan Project. Corbin's son Bruce is currently a New York art association executive.

David W. ("Dave," or "Pig") Allerdice Sr (1887-1941) was a legendary collegiate footballer and coach. As a player at University of Michigan 1907-1909, he scored all the points with 3 field goals in the famous UM 12-6 win over Notre Dame in 1908, was team captain 1909 and second team All American halfback in 1909. He served as Head Coach at University of Texas 1911-1915, and is still UT’s youngest head coach ever, second most winning record at UT ever, and Member of UT Hall of Fame. Tragically he died in a house fire in 1941 trying to save his wife and young children. Older son Dave Jr, then at Princeton was also a star Ivy League footballer in 1938-1941.

Bruce S. Allardice, as well as being the Allerdice web page historian, is the noted historian and author of More Generals in Grey published in 1995. This is a companion volume to Generals in Grey by Ezra Warner, published in 1959. A recent review concluded “All will agree that More Generals in Grey …makes a great companion volume to Generals in Grey and qualifies for a place of honor in any Civil War library.”

The Rev. Ron W. Allardice was the first Moderator (head) of the Uniting Church of Australia, a respected theologian and expert on the Samoan language after serving for 15 years as a Methodist missionary in Western Samoa.





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