Original Grant of the Lands of Allardice to Walter the Scot - 1198


404    Grants to Walter, son of Walter Scott, Allardyce (Mearns), in feu and heritage, for the service of one archer -with horse and haubergel and the performance of the common aid due from thirteen oxgangs of land.  Stirling. ( 16 October, 1198)


Wa. Dei gratia Rex Scott Episcopis, Abbatibus, Comitibus, Baronibus, Justiciis, Vicecomitibus, prepositis, ministris etb omnibus probis hominibus totius terre sue, Clericis et Laicis, Salutem.  Sciant presentes et futuri me dedisse et concessisse et hac carta mea confirmasse Waltero filio Walteri Scotti Alreches per rectas diuisas suas et cum omnibus justis pertinentiis suis, tenendum sibi et heredibus suis de me et lieredibus meis in feudo et hereditate, in boscho et plano. in pratis et pascuis, in moris et maresiis, in stagnis et molendinis, et cum omnibus aliis ad predictam terram iuste pertinentibus, libere et quiete. plenarie et honorifice, per servitium unius Archarii cum equo et halburgello et faciendo commune auxilium quantum ad tresdecim bon,atas terre pertinetc, sicut carta patris sui testatur.  Teste Hugone Cancellario meo, H[enrico] abbate de Aberbrothock, Comite Dunecano justicia, Roberto de Quinci, Roberto de London, Philippo de Mubray, Willehno de Haia, Johanne de Hastinges, Ricardo filio Hugonis, Alexandro vicecomite de Striuelin, Philippo de Lundin, Roberto de Upsetlingtun, Yuone de Veteri ponte, Waltero Murdac, Rogero de Lakern', Thoma filio Tancard. 

Apud Striuelin xvi die Octobris.


DESCRIPTION:            There is no account of the document itself but there is a note of the seal as follows: ‘The seall & Counterseall on a tag intire in the effigies but the words about the seall worne away.’

HAND:            The source contains two copies, one written out in full, the other reproducing the punctuation and abbreviations, and even simulating the hand, of the original.  From this it seems almost certain that the hand was that of Scribe De William del Bois.

SOURCE:         SRO, GD 49 I (transumpt by order of the Lords of Council and Session, 16 August, 1703, of original charter produced for George Alderdyce of that ilk: extracted bv James Dalrymple.  Two copies.

PRINTED:        HMC 5th Report, Appendix, 629.

NOTES:           a Punctuation editorial. 

                                        b Tironian et evidently used throughout in original. 

                        c Both copies have pertinen.

COMMENT.     Presumably granted after the death of Walter Scott the elder (of Allardyce), who was interviewed on his death-bed in the winter of 1197-8 by Master Isaac, cleric of Roger bishop-elect of St Andrews, while on his wav north to invite the bishops of Moray, Ross and Caithness to attend Roger's consecration, which took place on 15 February, 1198 (Spalding misc., v, 211).


Source:      Regesta Regum Scottorum Volume 1 pp. 389-390 (William I).


Note:  An oxgang was a medieval Scottish measure of land based on the amount of ground a man with an oxen could plow. The witnesses include many of the chief nobles and officials of Scotland, including Hugh the King's Chancellor, Henry Abbot of Aberbrothock, Count Duncan the King's Justiciar, Robert de Quincy and others.


Grant of Little Barras to Thomas of Allardice - 1370



306.    [Carta Thome de Allirdas.]

David Dei gracia rex Scottorum omnibus etc.  Sciatis nos dedisse, etc., dilecto et fideli nostro Thome de Allirdas, ihum annuum redditum viginti solidorum nobis debitum de terra de Lytilbarres cum pertinenciis. infra vicecomitatum de Kyncardyn Tenendum et habendum dicto Thome et heredibus suis masculis de corpore suo legitime procreatis vel procreandis de nobis et heredibus nostris in feodo et hereditate, libere quiete bene et in pace.  In cujus rei, etc.  Testibus, etc. Apud Edynburghe, sexto die Aprilis anno regni nostri quadragesimo.

L. i. 210.


Author's Translation:   "David, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, etc.  Be it known to all, that our loving and faithful Thomas de Allardyce, will be granted per year 20 grounds (shillings) known due on the land of Little Barras, with appurtenances, in the county of Kincardine.  To be held and possessed by Thomas and the legitimate male heirs of his body, in fee simple, etc.  At Edinburgh, April 6, in the 40th year of our reign."


Source:        Registrum Magni Sigilli (RGS) 40 David I (1370)


Note:               "Lyttilbarres" (Little Barras) is a tract of land three miles north of the future Allardice castle.


* * * * * * * * * * * *



Grant by John of Allardice to John Harwer of Lands in Ardgrane - 1376



Charter by John of Allyrdis of that ilk, confirming to John called Harwer, for his good services to his father and also to himself, all his lands of Ardgrane, with their pertinents, in Buchan in the shire of Aberdeen, which had been previously granted by his father to the said John Harwer and his heirs, and also to one assignee to whom he might desire to assign the said land.  Reddendo a pair of gilt spurs in name of blench farm yearly at the feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, if asked and performing to our Lord the King, and  to other lords of the fee, the services exigible from such a land.


Sealed with the seal of a noble man, Alexander of Straton, of that ilk, at Aberdeen, 1 September, 1376.  Witnesses, John Frasser, Philip of Abirbuthnot, William Lassellis, Thomas of Rate, Alexander Bannerman, Alan Fauconer, burgess of Monross, Thomas Spryng, burgess of Aberdeen, and many others.


Source:      Barclay-Allardice ms., Great Britain Historical. Manuscripts Commission, volume 5, p. 629.


Notes:          Buchan is the Earldom in the Northern portion of Aberdeenshire.  Ardgrane is 3 miles North of Ellon, on the Ythan River in Buchan.


* * * * * * * * * * *


Confirmation of Allardice - 1426



68. Apud Edvnburgh, 15 Dec. REX confirmavit JOHANNI DE ALLYRDAS militi, -terras baronie de Allyrdas, vic- Kyncardyn; -quas idem Joh. resignavit:

-TENEND.  dicto Joh. et Mergrete, sponse ejus, et eorum alteri diutias viventi, quibus deficientibus Thome de A., nepoti dicti Joh. et heredibus ejus masculis de corpore ejus legitime procreatis, quibus def., Hugoni de A. filio dicti Joh. et hei-edibus ejus, &e. (ut supra), quibus def., David de A. fratri dict. Hug. et heredibus ejus (ut supra), quibus def., heredibus inter dictos Joh. et Merg., legit. proc., quibus def., -heredibus legit quibuscunque dict.  Joh., in feodo :

-TEST. 74. 20. 21. 46. 47.

iii. 68.

Translation: "The King confirms John of Allardice, knight of the barony of Allardice, county Kincardine (which John resigned) to be held by said John and Margaret, his spouse, as long as they live, then to Thomas of Allardice, grandson of John, and the heirs male of his body legitimately born, then to Hugh, son to said John and his heirs, etc.--then to David brother of Hugh and his heirs, etc.--then to other heirs of said John and Margaret legitimately born, then to heirs of John.


Source:      RGS, 21 James I (1426).


Note:          The names of the testators (witnesses) are in the appendix to the above volume; only their numbers are given here.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Instrument dated 20 February, 1458, within the church of St. Giles, at Edinburgh, on the refusal of the Bishop of Brechin, Chancellor of Scotland, to allow to be repledged the goods and lands of Thomas Allirdes, of that ilk, which had been recognosced, according to the request then made by him to said Bishop, Chancellor aforesaid.  Witnesses, William Murray de le Gask, Sir Robert Crechtoun of Sanchar, William Murray of Tyermam, and Mr. Alexander of Carsteris, rector of Keth, with manv others.


Source:        Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 629.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Notarial instrument dated 12 March, 1458, setting forth that in presence of the King, James the Second, by the grace of God, King of Scots, and his Council and the prelates and nobles of the kingdom in great number in the Town House of the burgh of Perth, appeared Thomas Allirdes of that ilk, and there desired that his lands of Allirdes, with their pertinents, in the shire of Kincardyn, his lands of Ochterlese and Polglassv and Ardgrane, with their pertinents, in the shire of Aberdeen, and his goods, now for certain causes recognosced in the King's hands, might be given to him to borch, offering himself ready for his said lands and goods to do whatever bv the law and custom of the kingdom ought to be done.  Upon which the said Sovereign Lord, by delivery of a staff which he held in his hands, gave the same to him in broch, in presence of Thomas Bishop of Dunkeld, Ninian Elect confirmed of Whithorn, Malise Earl of Mentethe, William Earl Marischal, James Lord Levingstoun, Great Chamberlain of Scotland, Patrick le Grahame, Patrick Lord of Glamys, Robert Levingstoun of Drumry, and John Ogilby of Luntrethyn, Knights, with many others.  The notary is John de Atheray, Treasurer of Dunkeld, Clerk of the King's Council.


Source:         Barclay-Allardice ms., pp. 629-630.


Notes:          “Ochterlese” (Auchterless) is a parish in Northwest Aberdeenshire.  “Polglassy” (Balglassy) is in Auchterless.


A "borch" (broch) is a pledge, or pawn.  Evidently Thomas of Allardice had pawned his lands to the Crown, and wanted to redeem those lands.


* * * * * * * * *



Notarial instrument dated 2 May 1459, within the Court House of the burgh of Aberdene, at a court held by Walter Lyndesay of Bewfurd, sheriff of the said burgh, setting forth the compearance of Thomas Allirdes of that ilk, accused of the spoliation of David Dempstar of Achterless his lands of Balglassy in the barony of Achterles, and the unjust detention of the rents thereof for the space of twelve years last by-past, for the amount of which he was found liable in re-payment, in a certain session held in Edinburgh, as appeared by a clecreet thereof under the testimony of the Great Seal; the said Thomas alleging that the said spoliation, rents unjustly detained, and the said decreet itself were false, offering himself ready to prove that at the time of making of the said decreet there was no session held at Edinburgh or in any part of Scotland, and alleging also that he is now in the King's ward "ob quam rem namos et bona sua injuste abstulerant."  He therefore protested solemnly quod quicquid prefatam materiam concernens quouismodo in dicta curia deliberatum seu indicatum esset in prejudicium vel detrimentum hereditatis sue minime verteretur."  These things were so done at 11 o'clock before noon: on which day, at two hours afternoon, within the chamber of Alexander of Douglas, sheriff depute of Aberdene, the said Thomas earnestly asked of the said Walter, the sheriff, a copy of a certain letter or precept, written on parchment and sealed with the King's seal, touching the execution of the foresaid decreet of said session, which had been presented to the sheriff in court; which sheriff answering him said that he declined to give a copy of the said precept until the King and his Council should first be consulted.  The witnesses to the first act were noble and potent men, William Earl of -Erole, Lord of Hay, William Earl Marischal, Lord of Keith, Alexander et Irwin, Laird of Drum, William Hay of Ure, David Aberbuthnot of that ilk, and Alexander of Strathachyn of Dulyewarde.  The witnesses to the second act were David Lyndesay of Forest, Philip Lyndesay, Robert of Rossy, John of Tulche, David Allirdes, and Alexander Glene, with others.


Source:        Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 630.


Note:            See next document for more on this disupute.  The

                    Dempsters were a landed family who lived near Auchterless.


* * * * * * * * * * * *



Notarial instrument dated 24, January 1470, on the presentation by Thomas Allardes of that ilk to venerable and noble men, councillors of the King, of a schedule or paper relating to a sum of money claimed by John Dempstare as rents of the lands of Polglassy, with the pertinents recognosced and unjustly given to broch to the said John, the said Thomas asserting that he was the possessor of the same. Of which schedule the tenor follows:-


“Soŭran lord, and nobilis of our soneran lordis counsale. I, Thomas Allirdes of that ilk, protestis that I enter nocht in pley here at this tyme anent the summondis made apone me be Jhone Dempstare and till his instance, for I understand at the mater aucht nocht to resort nor precede here at present tyme befor your lordschipis, be thir resonis folonand.  In the first the sumoundis war not signet nor selit be the summoundare as it aucht to be of resoune as wes actit in the last Parliament.  Secondly, this questioune movit apone me be Jhoune Dempstare my perti hes beynne reconist befor in his faderis tyme and mynne, and lattin to borgh to him be wrang informatioun and parcialite of the bischop Schoriswode, chancellare for the tyme, he beand his familiar man, and svne thaireftir it was reformit in a counsale generale in King James the Secundis tyme, your progenitour, quhame God assoilze, and lattin me to .borgh, and sa was I restorit to my possessioune agane and tuk sesinge be Jhone Skrimgeour Masare that levis .vit, throu comand of the King and, my lordes, I understand that it is agane the comoune law and consuetud that ony mater or questioune decidit and decretit be a generale counsale or Parliament, sould resort or remane to be determinit in a laware court, and this caus neulingis movit upon me throw meyneis be Jhonne Dempstare, dependis upon my fee and heritage of the samyn landis of Polglassy, quhilkis I was restorit to as said is be the King as my documentis beris witness; and alsua, my lordis, thir landis of Polglassy ar to me proppir fee and heritage thir twenti yeris and ma sen synne and bt-for as my perti beris witnes, and als the said Jhoune Dempstare clamis thame in fee and heritage til him, and tharefor he folowis me of twenti yeris malis in his faderis tyme, his brotheris and in his awine tyme, and thus we clame thame fee and heritage for us baith, and sa thai ar fee and heritage till [ane] of us apone law but drede; and, my lordis , sen thai ar fee and heritage, I beseik your lordshipis at the reverence of al I may be deferrit to my juge ordinar, and to keip sic law and consuetude to me and my sympilnes as ye do till utheris our soueran lordis lieges, and gif your lordschippis dois utherwais herein I protest it turne me to na prejudice and my said fee and heritage.”


After the reading of which schedule to the said lords, the said Thomas of Allirdes ut supra.  These things were done at Striueline about two o'clock afternoon on the day before specified, in presence of Reverend Fathers in Christ Andrew Bishop of Glasgow, William Bishop of Orknay, Andrew Lord Avandale, Chancellor of Scotland, Colin Earl of Argyle, James Lord Hammiltoune, and Alexander Load Glammys, with many others.


Source:      Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 630.


Note:          Thomas of Allardice states that he is being sued by John Dempster for rents of the lands of Polglassy.  The points in dispute being settled in Thomas' favor by Act of Parliament in the reign of James II (1437-1460), he claims that the courts have no right to judge the suit.


* * * * * * * * * * *



Notarial transumpt dated 28 May 1474, within the Court House of Aberdeen, before a noble rnan, Walter Lindesay, sheriff depute of Aberdeen, then sitting in judgment, setting forth that John Allerdes of ilk compeared and craved that a brieve of our sovereign lord for serving him heir to his father Thomas in two parts of the lands of Uchtirless, with the pursalbutis and their pertinents, should be copied and transumed, which desire was granted and the brieve engrossed, in presence of honorable men, Alexander Forbes of Petslegow, Knight, Alexander Frazer of Durris, and Duncan Forbes, Esquires, and many others.


* * * * * * * * * * * *



Charter by Alexander Irvin of Drum to John Allardes of that ilk, of his lands of Fulzemond, in the barony of Auchinloir, in warrandice of two parts of the lands of Ardgrane, in the earldom of Buchan, sold by him and his son by a charter of same date.  Dated at Aberdeen, 24 November 1485.  Witnesses, Mr. Adam Gordone, rector of Kinkell and chantor of Murray, Robert Aberbuthnot of that ilk, Alexander Menzeis, Alexander Burnet of Leis, Alexander Irvin of Belteis, David Allirdes, Sir John Arveling, and Sir Robert Leis, chaplains and notaries, with others.  '


Source:        Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 630.


Note:            A “warrandice” is an old Scottish legal term for warrant of good title.




Notarial instrument, dated 26 June 1490, setting forth that, in presence of a notary and witnesses, appeared  a prudent woman, Joneta Betsoun, wife of James Allerdes " et fide media manualiter obligata est honorabili viro Johanni Allardes de eodem ac domino de Ochterles forma subsequenti, vizl; si contingat prefatum Jacobum sponsum suum de hac vita antea eam decedere, quod abhinc non duceret alium virum in sponsum suum, nec, de bonis eo tempore prolibust inter prefatas Jacobum et Jonetam genitis pertinentibus, ullatenus in fraudem et damnum earundem disponeret absqae prefati domini de Allirdes consilio et consensu.  Et si contrarium fecerit quod absit assedacio terrarum de Cuschne per prefatum dominum dictis Jacobo et Jonete et eorum diucius viventi facta sine mora expiraret." These things were done at Cuschne- at eight o'clock in the evening, in presence of Archibald Rate of Drumtocty, and John Malwyn, parent of Hervistoune.


Notarial instrument, dated 12 June 1493, setting forth the compearance of honorable men, Sir John Rutherfurde of Terlane, Knight, and Robert Blinsele, burgess of Aberdeen, who produced the seal of a noble man, Alexander Irwyn of Drum, and by his authority affixed the same to a contract of marriage, written on parchment, entered into between the said Alexander Irwyn and Alexander his son and apparent heir on the one part, and John Allirdes of that ilk and Janet his daughter and heir-apparent on the other part.  Done within the lodging of the said Robert, in the burgh of Aberdeen, in the presence of Gilbert Kethr. son of the laird of Inverugy, Mr Alexander Gordon, vicar of [ ]linge, Thomas Prat, Jphn Kintor, John Gordon, William Cuminge, and Mr Alexander Massy, notary, with others.


Source:      Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 630.


Note:        "Cuschne” (Cushnie) is probably Cushnie in Kincardineshire.  There is another Cushnie in Auchterless Parish.


* * * * * * * * * *



Notarial instrmnent, dated 5 November 1495, showing that, in presence of a notary and witnesses “compeared James Allirdes, et fideliter promisit ad fac-e---- servicium fidelitatemquo servandam in omnibus et decet honorabili viro Johanni Allirdes de eodem et domino de Ochtirles heredibusque tempore vito, cum ad dictum servicium debit premonitus fuerit.  Et si, quod absit dictum con---- Jacobum in contrarium devenire viz., si notabilum  detectum in servicio suo faceret ipso ad hoc competenter abdoce ut prefertur premonito Tunc in instante ac sine mora assedacio terrarum de Cuschne die---Jacobo et uxori  auc facta prout in literis ----- -confectus plenius continetur penitus expiraret.”


These things were done in the Hall of Allirdes at two oclock afternoon, in the presence of discreet men, Sir Andrew Valentyn and Sir Robert Blacklawis, chaplains.


Source:        Barclay-Allardice ms., pp. 630-631.


* * * * * * * * * * * *



Notarial instrument dated 13th November 1500, that in presence of William Bishop of Brechin, his sitting in judgment, appeared James Richardson, chaplain, procurator of John Allerdes of that ilk, and produced certain letters of reversion by Alexander apparent of Drum, and Jonat Allirdes his spouse, of the two parts of the lands and barony of Ouchterles, sealed with their seals and dated 13 December 1499, and after presenting and reading thereof, the said procurator:


 " ab honorabili domicella Joneta Allirdess sponsa Alexandri Irwyne, filii et apparentis heredis honorabili viri Alexandri Irvin de Drum inquisivit si ad sigillacionem dictarum literarum reversionis libere et voluntarie pro parte sua consentiebat.  Que quidem. Joneta non vi auit metu ducta [etc.] Sigillum suum proprium in manum tenens intra cujus circumferentiam tria folia de le holyne cum undis [   ] sculpta erat in absencia sponsi antedicti tactis Sacro Sancti dei Evangeliis in manibus dicti episcopi juramentum prestitit corporale quod ad dictarum literarum sigillacionem liberrime -incoacta et ex propria voluntate motuque consensit."


These things were so done in the choir of the parish church of Montrose at eleven o'clock before noon, in presence of Mr George Meldrum, chantor of Brechin, Sir David Ochterlowny, vicar of Monheky, Alexander Grahame, William Mureff, John Grahame, William Allirdes, and Mr. John Nauchty, notary.


Notarial instrument, dated 15 June 1512, setting forth that John Allardes of that ilk, having “compeared plegium sive le borghe in manu Thome Bissate mari feodatari Regii, vicecomitatus de Aberdene posuit, quo de jure arrestaret novam culturam formatam in Drowmdewane et blada sive grata in eadem crescencia non Remouenda so veractum vulgo le fauche infra eandem non laboranda una cum edificiis constructis in dictis terries - de Dronmedewane prope Blakfurd non fungend.  Pro injusta occupacione earumdem terrarum donec per leges titulo juris cujus sint discuciantur.  Quia ipsas dictas Johannis Allerdes sibi allegabat pertinere et partem esse sue partis baronie de Ouchtirless.  Et ut sibi Inwino Garden Regia auctoritate inhiberet ne ipsas terras occupet usque in prefinitum tempus legate.  Et ut eandem arrestam sibi intimaret non obstantibus- ipsis arrestamentis iteratis vicibus.  In pretaxatis alias affixis minime valentibus."


These things were done on the lands of Drowmdewane at twelve o'clock noon, in presence of George.Meldroum of Five, Sir Gilbert Hay of Ardendracht, Knight, Walter Barclay of Tolly, George Abercromby of Petmethane, Robert Gordon of Bealle, Patrick Stewart of Latheris, Robert Allerdess, Mr. Alexander Ogilvy in Glashalche Magnus de Monte alto, son and apparent heir of John Mowat of Loscragy, Andrew Crage of Cragisfyntray, Thomas Meldrum of that ilk, James Crafurd of Fetheray, James Bissate, and Mr. Andrew Patrickson, notary, with many others.


Source:      Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 631.


Note:            "Blakford" (Blackford) is a hill in Auchterless parish.


* * * * * * * * * * *



2503.  Apud Aberdene, 3 Oct.


REX confirmavit cartam Joh. Allerdes de eodem, - [qua concessit ALEXANDRO IRWIN filio et heredi apparenti Alex.  Irwin de Drum, et JONETE ALLERDES ejus sponse, filie dicti Joh.,- duas partes terrarum baronie de Uchterles, vic.  Aberdene - pro matrimonio inter eos solempnizato: - TENEND. cum tenentibus, &c., dictis Alex. et Jonete, eorumque alteri diutius viventi, in conjuncta infeodatione, ac heredibus inter ipsos legitime procreatis, quibus deficientibus, heredibus propinquioribus legitimus ipsius Alex. et assignatus quibuscunque, de rege in feodo: - RESERVATIS libero tenemento ipsi Joh., -ac rationabili, tertia Elizabethe Gordoun sponse sue cum contigerit: - TEST. M. Adam Gordoun precentore Moraviensi, Joh. Rutherfurde milite ac preposito de Aberdene, Alex. Menzeis, Rob. Blinsele, Alex. Rede, M. Joh. Gordoun vicario de Striveling, Alex. Aberdoure, et D. Joh.  Striveling, notario publico : - Apud Aberdene, 10 Sept 1499] :-TEST. ut in carta 2490.                                                          

xiii 392.


Source:      RGS 12 James IV (1499-1500).


Notes:        The Elizabeth Gordon mentioned was wife to John Allardice of Allardice.


In medieval Scottish, to "confirm" was to ratify the right of a person to take and administer property of a deceased person as executor or administrator.


* * * * * * * * * * *


3647.Apud Edinburgh, 8 Jan.



REX confirmavit JOHANNI ALLIRDES de eodem. et JONETE LUNDY ejus sponse, - terras de Leyis, ac orientalem dimedietatem de Litill Barres. in baronia de Allirdes, vic.  Kincardin: - quas idem Joh. resignavit:-TENEND. dictis Joh. et Jon. et ipsorum alteri diutius viventi in conjuncta infeodatione, et heredibus masc. inter ipsos legit. procreatis, quibus deficientibus, legit. et propinquioribus heredibus masc. dicti Joh. quibuscunque secundum tenorem carte tallie desuper confecte TEST. “ut in aliis cartis  precedentibus."

xviil 64.


Licence under the Privy Seal of James V., dated Edinburgh. 22 March 1516, permitting John Allardes of that ilk to sell annalie or wedsett his landis and barony of Allirdes, in the Sheriffdom of Kincardine.


Notarial instrument, dated 5 September 1522, setting forth that on that day John Allirdes of that ilk, and John his lawful son and heir, compeared at the Market Cross of Aberdeen, and there by proclamation thrice repeated by the mouth of David Herine, one of the officers of the said burgh, at the command of the said John, the father and sin warned a noble man, Alexander Irwein, of Forglind, son and heir of Sir Alexander Irwein of Drum, and Janet Allirdes, his wife, spouse of the said Alexander Irwein, of Forglin,. to appear in the church of St. Nicholas of Aberdeen, on Monday the 3rd of November next, to receive the sum of 1,200 merks, due for the -redemption of two parts of the barony of Ochterles, in terms of letters of reversion.


Tack by John Abbot of Lundores, and Convent of the same, to Gilbert Keith of Troup and Isobel Forbes his spouse, and to William Keith their son, for 19 years, of the lands called Soottistoune, together with Marcorye and the officiar land of the same within the barony of Witstonis and sheriffdom of Kincardine.  Dated at Lundores, 24 July 1532.  Signed by the abbot, subprior, and 23 monks.


Sources:      RGS 24 James IV (1511-12).  Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 631.


Notes:                    "Leyis" stands for the Leys of Barras, 3 miles North of Allardice.  A "wadset" is a mortgage.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



2148.Apud S. Andream, 28 Maii



REX confimavit JOHANNII ALLIRDES de eodem, heredibus ejus et assignatia, - terras de Allirdes cum principali mesuagio, terris dominicalibus et molendino earundem, terms de Litle Bams et Lays, cum nemoribus et piscariis salmonum et aliorum piscium, vic.  Kincadin; binam partem terrarum et baronie de Ochterles, continen. binam partem de Haltoun de O., duas lie Parsantis, binam partem de Ordley, Thomastoun, Smailburne, Quyaneis Knokleith et molendinum earundem, binam partem de Brakillis, Bakyhill, Langschawbra, Logyaltoun, Fyschearfurd, Reidhill et Hassilwellis cum manerio earundem, integras terras de Blakfurd, Baddinskeith et Invertherny, cum silvis molendinis pscariis, tenentibus &c., vic.  Abirdene; - quas idem Joh. personaliter resignavit; et quas rex, pro bono servatio, incorporavit in liberam baroniam de Allerdes :- REDDEND. annuatim unam sectam ad placitum capitale vic. de Kincardin, Post festum S. Michaelis, cum servitio warde &c- :-TEST. ut in aliis cartis &e. xxvl 413.


Charter by James V. to John Allirdes of that ilk of the lands of Allirdes, with the principal messuage, and mains lands of Little Barress and Leys, lying in the shire of Kincardine, and also the two parts of the lands and barony of Ochterles, containing two parts of the lands and barony of Ochterles, two lie parsantis, one part of the lands of Ordley, Thomastoune, Smailburne, Quysneis, Knokleith and mill thereof, two parts of the lands of Donkillis.  Bakyhill Langschaubrae, Logyaltoun, Fischerford, Reidhill, and Hassiewellis, with the manor thereof ; also all the lands of Blakfurd, Baddinskeith, and Innercherny, in the shire of Aberdeen; resigned by the said Joh., and now united into one whole and free barony, to be called the barony of Allirdes, ordaining the manor-house of Allirdes built and building, to be the principal messuage of the said et barony. 

Dated at St. Andrews, 28 May 1540.


* * * * * * * * * * *



Instrument on the resignation into the King's hands by John Allardes of his lands of Allirdes, dated 28 May 1540, on which the above charter proceeds –


"Acta erant infra Monasterium Sancti Andree in Palacio Serenissimi Principis nostri Jacobi Quinti Scotorum regis hora quarta pomeridiana, Presentibus ibidem Reverendissimo in Christo Patre et domino David miseracione divina titulo Sancti Stephani in Celio Monte Cardinali presbytero, Sancti andree Archiepiscopo Tocius Scocie primate legato nato Ecelesie Cathedralis Mirapiciensis in Gallia administratore generali, Monasterii. de Aberbrothok Commendatario perpetuo, nobilibus et potentibus dominis Johanne domino de Innermeith,-Thoma Erskin de Breichen milite et S. D. N. Regis Secretario, et Henrico Kempt de Thomastoun testibus." &c.


Sources:      RGS 27 James V (1540).  Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 631.


Notes:                    The places mentioned in the original document and the translation can be identified as places in the Parish of Auchterless.  They include Cushnie ("Quysneis"), Badenscot ("Badinskeith"), Redhill ("Reidhill"), Blackford ("Blakfurd"), Hassiewells ("Hassiewellis"), Baikiehill ("Bakyhill"), and Bruckhills ("Brukillis").


The "Haltoun" mentioned may have been lands inherited through John's mother, Janet Lundy.  A Royal Charter of 22 May 1540 (only 6 days prior to the above charter) to Walter Lundy speaks of his lands in "Haltoun”.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Viccomes respondebit pro £40 de flrmis totius et integra baronie de Kincardin, Allirdes, eum manerie ejusdem, molendino, multuris, Myltoun, villis de Litill Barres et Leyis, jacentis infra halliam suam, existentis in minibus regino termini Sancti Martini ultimo preteriti sasine non recuperata, et pro £80 de relevio earundem [lege ejusdem], regino debitis per sasinam datam Johanni Allirdes, cujus pater, quondam Johannes Allirdes de eodem, ebiit in bello contra Anglos decimo Septembris ultimo elapsi.

[Edinburgh 9 May]


Inquest held at Aberdeen, 9th January 1553, serving John Allardes as heir of James Allardes, his uncle, who fell under the royal banner at Pinkie, in the lands of Balgowny in the barony of Frendraught and shire of Aberdeen, held blench of William Crichton of Frendraught, and that in virtue of a General Act in favour of the heirs of those falling in said battle.


Sources:      Exch. (1548) p. 431.  Barclay-Allardice ms., p. 631.


Notes:                    "Myltoun" probably refers to Mitton in Barres.  "Balgowny" is an estate in Forgue Parish, 11 miles East Northeast of Huntly.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



1337.Apud Edinburgh, 4 Feb.



REX ET REGINA confirmaverunt cartam Johannis Allerdes de eodem, -[qua, cum consensu Johannis Wischart de Pittarro et Monani Hog in Blairdryne, curatorum suorum, -pro perimpletione contractus initi inter Beatricem Keith. cum consensu Willelmi com.  Mariscalli dom. Keith &c., ejus patris et legit. administratoris et tutoris pro ejus interesse, ex una et dictum JOH. A. cum consensu curatorum ex altera partibus, - concessit dicte BEATRICI KEITH, in ejus pura virginitate, - terras dominicales de Allerdes cum molendino, vic.  Kincardin; - et, in speciale warrantum earundem, binam partem terrarum de Powburne, Scottistoun, Calsayend, Clachak, tres quarterias de Auchindrachy vic. Kincardin: - TENEND. dicte Beatrici; in vitali redditu, et heredibus inter dictos Beat. et Joh. A. legit. procreandis, quibus deficientibus, legit. et propinquioribus heredibus dicti Joh. A. quibuscunque; viz.  Powburne, Scottistoun et Calsayend de monasterio de Abirbrothok in feodifirma, ceteras de regna:-TEST.  Rob. commendatario de Deir, M. Joh. Elder vicario de Carnebe, M Wil. Chalmer rectore de Newdosk, Wil. Hog: - Apud Edinburgum, 20 Nov. 1558:  -TEST. ut in aliis cartis &c.                     

xxxii 295.


Source:      RGS 16-17 Mary I (1558-59)


Note:          "Auchindrachy” (Auchindreich) is l½ miles north of Allardice castle.  Powburne, Scottistown and Calsayend are in Conveth Parish, near Lawrencekirk.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *



Testament dative and inventar of the goods of Robert Allardes, apparent of that ilk, at the time of his death in Edinburgh, 26 December 1587, given up by Captain Andrew Stewart, as tutor dative to Elizabeth Allardes, only lawful daughter of the deceased.



A contract dated 22 July, 1592, between John Allardes of that ilk and his tenants, Thomas Strathauchin in Leyis and Robert Falconer in Classindrum, on the one part, and Barbara Forbes, Lady Petcarrie on the other.  The said lady is God-willing to come and meitt at ane speciall weik- day at the kirk of Arbuthnot, betwixt nine and twelf horis afoir none, betwixt the date of thir presentis and the twantie fvrst dav of August nixtocum, and thair sall acknawledge and confess the wrange done unto the laird of Allardes in this last fact committit at the Moss of Monymont, and sall promas in all tymes cuminge interteinament of guid freyndschip and concord without braik of hir pert, craving the lyik concord and freyndschip to be extendit to hir on his part in all tymes cumminge, with promeis also that scho sall caus her twa brethir Robert Forbes, prior of Monymusk, and Abraham Forbes in Blaktoun, accumpanie hir to the said kirk  and acknawledge the sameyn giff scho mav obteine thame thairto, quhais compeirance to the said kirk salbe signefeit be the said Barbara to the said John Allardes sex dayes off befoir the said day."


Summons raised against John Allardes and his tenants by Margaret Erskine, Lady Petcarie and Banffe, under certain obligations in a contract between her and John Allardes of that ilk, dated 31 December 1587, and a copy thereof, which is entitled, " Copie for John Allardes apperand of that ilk as executor and universall intrometter to the maist veuemous pestiferous serpent, Margartt Erskyne, Lady Makterey, 4 of August 1597."


Source:        Barclay-Allardice  ms., p. 631.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *



1921.Apud Edinburgh, 10 Jun.


REX, - cum consensu &c. (130. 135. 126.), - confirmavit cartam Joannis Allerdes de eodem, - [qua, - pro perimpletione contractus matrimonialis de data apud templum de Abirluthnott et Vayne, 14 et Maii 1593, concessit JOANNI ALLERDES, filio suo natu maximo tunc superstiti, - terras et baroniam de Allardes, cum manerie loco, fortalicio molendino terries molendinariis &e. (comprehenden. etiam terras de Littil Barras et Leyis), cum tenentibus &c., terras et baroniam de Pitcarrie, cum terris dominicalibus, maneria loco, molendino, terris molendinariis &c., terras de Clohoge et Clessindrum, Auchindreych, cum aliis pendiculis dicte baronie de P., vic.  Kyncardin:  terras de baroniam Ovir Scottistoun, Calsayend et Powburne, in parochia de Conveth - RESERVANDO dicto Jo. seniori liberum tenementum omnium, exceptis Clohoge, Clessindrum, umbrali dimedietate de Uver Scottistoun, et annuo redditu 5 celdrarum victualium (½ ordei et ½ farine avenatice) de terris de Powbume, dicto Jo. juniori et Alisone Lyndsay ejus conjugi filie legitime Davidis L. de Vayne, in conjuncta infeodatione concessis; necnon Barbare Forbes relicte Roberti Allerdes apparentis de eodem, et post ejus decessum dicto Jo. seniori vitalem redditum terrarum dominicalium (et molendini) de Pitcarrie cum molindinariis terrarum de Auchindreych, Leyis et tertie partis de Littill Barras: - PROVISO quod, si dictus Jo. senior uxorem posthac duceret, liceret eam infeodare in quacunque parte dict. terrarum valente annuatim 2 celdras ordei et 2 celd. farine avenatice (exceptis terris dicte Alis. concessis): - RESERVATIS infeofamentis de Powburne et Over Scottistoun filiis dicti Jo. senioris concessis, redimend. secundum tenorem dicti contractus: - TENEND. dicto Jo. juniori et heredibus masc. Inter sum et dictam Alis. procreatis, quibas deficientibus, heredibus masc. dicti Jo. junioris quibuscunque cognomen et arma de Allerdes gerentibus, de rege: - REDDEND. pro Over Scottistoun et seqq.8 merc. feudifirme, et homagium et servitium veluti Geo. Meldrum et ejus predecessores fecerunt, pro ceteris jura et servitia debita et consueta: - cum precepto sasine directo Jo. Young, Jo. Strathacane in Leyis, Luce Symsoun in Clessindmm: - TEST.  Davide Arbuthnott de Findowrie, Willelmo Raitt de Halgreine, Jac. et Tho. Allerdes filiis dicti Jo. senioris, Georgio Sinclair servo dicti Jo. senioris, Jac. Symsoun notario publico: - carta scripta per Alex. Symsoun: - Apud Allardes, 23 Sept 1600]: - PRETEREA, pro bono servitio dicti Jo. junioris et ejus predecessortim, ac pro compositione persoluta, suprascripta dicto Jo. juniori de novo dedit, et in liberam baroniam de Allerdes incorporavit: - REDDEND. ut supra : - TEST. ut in aliis cartis &c.

xlv. 30.

Source:      RGS 40 James VI (1607).


Note:            "Clessindrum” is l½ miles Northeast of Allardice-


* * * * * * * * * * * *



857.       Apud Edinburgum, 30 Jul.


REX, - cum consensu. &c. (1. 2.),-confirmavit cartam -Joannis Stratoun feodatarii de eodem, - [qua. - cum consensu Euphamie Ogilvie sponse sue. et D. Allexandri Strattoun de eodem militis, - pro perimpletione contractus de data apud Montrois et . . , 3 Maii et . . 1623, - ad feudifirmam dimisit JACOBO ALLERDES in Falsyid, fratri germano Joannis A. de eodem. heredibus ejus masc. et assignatis quibuscunque. absque reversione, - terras et baroniam de Wester Kynneff cum turre et manerie loco comprehenden.- terras dominicales lie Grainge de Kynneff, terras lie Waird et Wairdlandis ejusdem, terras dle Densvde et croftas ejusdem. Terras de Craigdavie,  Herberscheillis et Dubtoun, cum communia in S. Johnes-hill. et advocatione capellanie S. Joannis in Kynneff. in parochia de Kynneff. vic. Kincardin : - necnon, in speciale warrantum earundem (et terrarum de Chappell vocat. Sainct-Johnes-chappell et Chappel-croftis, virtute dicti contractus dicto Jac. dispositarum per dictum Jo. et M.  Rob. Stratoun in Deanstraith), terras de Dilledies et Steiistraithe, molendinum granorum de Dilledies cum ejus terris &c., terras de Capo et Cheppeltoun prope Arnhall, in parochiis de Fettercairne et Straithcathrow, vic.  Kincardin et Forfar :- REDDEND. dicto Jo. pro dicta baronia 10 merc., pro terris warranti 10 merc. :-cum precepto sasine: - TEST.  Jo.  Ogilvie de Inverquharitie, M.  Joanne Levingstoun, Carolo Fullertoun de Syde, Rob. Allexander servitore dicti Jo. O., Tho.  Allardes in Classindrum (scriptore carte), -M. Rob. Stratoun in Deanstraithe -Apud Balfour, 16 Aug. 1623: - TEST. ut in aliis, cartis &c. 

lii. 252.


Source:      RGS 1 Charles I (1625).


Note:          "Falsyide” (Fawside) is in Kinneff Parish.  "Waird” is probably Wardhead, West of Kinneff.  "Densyde” is probably Damside, South of Fawside.  "Sanct-Johnes-hill" (St.  John's Hill) is North of Fawside.  Fettercairne is 5 miles West of Lawrenckirk, and Arnhall is 5 miles Southwest of Fettercairn.  "Straithcathrow" (Strathcarro) is 5 miles South of Arnhall.  See maps.



Note of Lady Mary Graham's contract of marriage with Sir John Allardes of that ilk. 

Dated 26 September 1662.


Memorandum and queries for the Laird of Allardyce, 1694 : - "The Laird of Allardyce being the eldest sister son to the deceast Earl of Monteith, and Graham of Gartmore the youngest sister's son, and so they both the nearest of kin to the Earl in blood, and who can succeed to him, and the late Marquess of Montross having, as is informed, impetrate a disposition from the Earl of his whole estate, and which disposition was got by threatening even to the hazard of the Earles life, which can be proven, and the Lady Marquess, mother to this Marquiss, who is under tutorie with several others without warrand by exhibitione, has with some of the friends gone to the house of one Brown, where the Earles charter chest was lyeing, and carrying the papers away under silence of night without inventareing or sealling up the samen by warrand of Councill, Session, or other magistrate, to the prejudice of the nearest of kin who have interest as appearand heirs, and had lykeways particular dispositiones from the Earle in his ain time to severall interests which were in the charter chest among the other papers which they medled with: Queritur, If this will not be a ryott, and if a bill may not be drawn to the Councill at the appearand heirs instance for sequestrating and inventarying the saids writes and taking the oathes of the Lady Marques [      ] the tutor and others present, and to find and declare it to be a ryott."


Then follow questions on the 'subject of teinds, and on a point arising out of the marriage of Anna, sister to the Laird of Allardes, to the Laird of Bracklev.


Information for the Earl of Menteith, 1696. 


Answers for the Marquis of Montrose to the claim given in by the Laird of Allardes, 8 July 1703.


Ane Inventorie of the Evidents of Kinpont.


Official extract of the Airth patent, 1790.


The following papers are from that part of the collection which relates to the Barclays of Ury:-


Extract, dated 17 April 1626, of contract dated 12 April 1624 , and registered in the Sheriff Court books of- Kincardine between William Earl Marischal and certain inhabitants of the town of Stonehaven, containing obligation by him to grant to them feus of their tenements; and with provisions for maintenance of bridges and causeways, the election of magistrates, &c.


Contract of marriage between the Laird of' Allardes and Elizabeth Barclay, 1690.


Source:        Barclay-Allardice  ms., p. 632.




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